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As the administrator of my own business like everyone always thought that the best way was: to have a central office, modern, well equipped and decorated. Learn more about this with westfield. He also believed that part of doing business really, was to have appropriate staff: secretaries, clerks, salesmen and an accountant. I always thought that to complement my business was to leave at major radio stations, television, major newspapers, with warnings expensive. That seemed necessary to create a corporate image. Try to always maintain the best level of relations with customers and potential customers.

He worked in traditional ways, the old-fashioned mold of traditional business, which is the ancestral and which apparently gave the best results. I lived local paying expensive, huge water and electricity rates and telephone. Secretaries also had to pay very little contributed to the emergence of business, but I paid on time and did not work and even stealing the marketing books I had in my office library. The sellers were dishonest closed a contract and kept the money for most new customers.You end up assuming the cost and the service was losing the first installment, of course dismissing the promoters thieves. The phone company was another headache, so I sent receipts overloaded month said it had made international calls and had to pay more than normal. He claimed that he had not called anyone abroad and they told me “pay first, complain later.” So one day I get to my office with a cranky type airs and we underwent a sort of police questioning, wondering who owned that number had RUC, who set the prices of the service, called the counter, etc.

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