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Mineral Makeup


We know the benefits it generates for women to look good and feel beautiful. We know that a beauty make up our self-esteem and predisposes us to conduct our daily tasks of a better way. Until very recently. Perform hygiene / skin care and facial treatments, make-up treatment is completed, it was considered counterproductive. In fact, we suggested cosmiatras no makeup on the day of skin hygiene or abrasive skin care treatment, including treatment for skins with acne. Especially because the skin is more sensitive than at other times and often components of a makeup product may cause a reaction.

Like everything, the cosmetics are also evolving. And he shows us a way in which healthy skin and makeup are not only possible, but are also complementary. Or organic mineral makeup is entirely pure micronized minerals made by, obtained from nature. That when sprayed powder can be applied both by brush or liquid or cream by sponges, pinceletas, etc. These minerals crystallized adhere to the skin covering the dyschromias and alterations of the same, give natural FPS, revitalize, among other things. They contain in its composition any preservatives or ingredients derived from petroleum, nickel, animal or plant. Free alcohol, silicones, perfumes. Features that make this type of naturally hypoallergenic makeup.

Ideal for sensitive and sensitized to contain zinc oxide, mineral known for its decongestant and healing quality. While the use of minerals such as dating from ancient Egyptian cosmetics. In modernity has reinvented the use of mineral makeup. After a cosmetics company and a foundation dedicated to research on sensitive skin. Found that removing all the ingredients that are not necessary, of a cosmetic product, they are just minerals. Mineral makeup has become very fashionable, and to seize this moment called cosmetic products have emerged "Minerals", which really are not. To avoid being deceived by some lines offering cosmetic cases Minerals. It is important to stop and read the product packaging and attention to the information it provides. Characteristics of a true mineral makeup product. Mineral makeup is composed of mica, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, kaolin clay, silica, ferric ferrocyanide, chromium oxides, manganese violet. Mineral makeup has NO ingredients. Dimethicone, Carnauba wax, cetyl trimethylsiloxilicate, tocopherol, panthenol, silicone, etc.. Mineral makeup feels light on the skin, it gives shine. Will not clog pores, skin breathe.

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