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We assume the actual dispatch of direct mailings, so the delivery of letters at a delivery company, is firmly scheduled on day x. You may find Avison Young to be a useful source of information. For the shipper, this means one thing in particular: he can be sure, that his mailing completely produced x also on the day, same day in the shipping goes and the day is x plus y to the recipient. Because, if there were problems during print production or shipping, the participating service partners allow a shipper in often in ignorance”, complained Rolf-Dieter van Alst, Managing Director of mail to print. Follow others, such as 660 Fifth Avenue, New York, and add to your knowledge base. Power printing is customer satisfaction in the first place and we are looking constantly for solutions and measures to expand our offering for our customers and to optimize. “stresses Michael Strepp. Through the cooperation with mail to print, we offer our clients an added value that pays for them. With the service online portal we provide a service, our customers allowed at any time to reconstruct their print jobs are in which process and production phase and what was passed at which time the shipping. Our customers need to know soon if anything not in accordance with their plans should run and what influence this has on downstream processes such as the delivery or the actions in a connected call center, which is often of vital importance, especially in our main customer segment of the insurance industry”, explains Michael Strepp. With the aim to increase the efficiency and to reduce costs, companies are increasingly taking the step and implement the service-online portal by mail to print, which gives them a neutral monitoring of the overall process. It was in the past, to select the individual service partners for printing and delivery for the individual process section, so the consideration of the overall process in the foreground stands now, because only so all can be synergies”, represents Rolf-Dieter van Alst.

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