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The forecasts for 2014 are: real estate prices, especially in the big cities will continue to rapidly increase. Magdeburg, 13.12.2013. Experts from the German Institute for economic research (DIW) predict that the real estate prices and rents will rise in the new year. The price rise in residential real estate will attract in the largest German cities until the third quarter of 2014 to about 6.5 percent. The rental would put in the next 12 months, however, only by about 3.5 percent. Since the beginning of the year 2010, the purchase prices for condos by an average six percent, had risen compared to the respective prior-year quarter. The rental rates growth rate at four percent. For the future development of DIW experts total examined 115 indicators on their ability to predict purchase and rental prices.

Included were for the first time regional values, such as consumer behaviour and the ratio of the purchase price for the rent at the local level. It was the highest rent increases in the three years with about eight percent in Berlin. Housing prices have increased since early 2010 to an average of about four or 4.5 percent over the previous year in Hamburg and Munich. Since 2010, price growth had accelerated even more clearly. By the first quarter of 2010 purchase prices until the third quarter of 2013 have risen with a nationwide five percent average annual growth to 7.4 percent. In large cities and metropolises, so in cities with more than half a million inhabitants, to 8.8 per cent. Conclusion: Attracted the rents in cities by 3.8 per cent in major cities to 3.4 percent, while they increased nationwide only by 2.4 percent. In 43 of 71 cities rents have increased more than consumer prices.

Rising real estate prices in major cities resulting primarily from the growing gap between demand and supply of housing. According to the DIW, the population from 2009 to 2011 to 1.3 percent had increased in the cities, the Increased housing stock but only 0.6 per cent. The stock of housing, however, by only 0.6 per cent took to in the same period the number of inhabitants in the cities climbed 1.7 percent. This of course also offers opportunities”, so those in charge of the MCM investor Management AG. People who want to profit from this growth instead of aroused concern in the year 2014 to look, should look at the features of MCM investor Management AG. The Magdeburg company offers interesting investment opportunities of the development potential of the real estate markets to benefit investors.

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