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Marcel Vandernier


What, so you wonder what – for God’s sake! -is it real? About the book: Peter Kolustro loves the pleasure and he sleeps his life like. Three things tear him from this exclusive existence: A strange dream, in which an Angel makes him an extremely unpleasant announcement. a fire in the Gallery of his father, which destroyed the precious work of an emerging young artist with very special friends and a visit to a private wine auction. The latter lets him make the acquaintance of two highly peculiar masters: the mathematician Carsten Brenner and the writer Marcel Vandernier. The two men confront Peter Kolustro with a piece of writing, which appear as a charade whose entire life can be.

Back and torn between comfort and curiosity of the protagonist embarks eventually but on an adventure of all its own. says on the issue. He begins with his new friend a fantastic search for the secret his and ultimately all of their existence. A mysterious stranger than Rotary is rapidly and focal point. But where is he? Is it even real or not? In the result of his research, that a whole gallery of bizarre figures presents him in ever new confusing twists and strange stories, Peter Kolustro going deeper into pulled in the existential question according to the reality and the what fantasy is and whether there is a difference between the two. At the end of even the reader is involved with in this game to the reality of what is possible: the author manipulated by foreign powers makes them a part of this game!

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