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“The Neubi (new Bitterfelder housing and construction company mbH) to consistently pursue the ‘energy-efficiency offensive’ project launched in 2008 the Neubi (new Bitterfelder housing and construction company mbH) consistently pursues the 2008 launched project of the energy-efficiency offensive” and the success proves her right! 600,000 euros in energy costs savings 2010 in the fiscal year compared to 2009. Birgit Wielonek, the Managing Director of Neubi, has set strategic direction by means of correct decisions. “2008 was developed in collaboration with the billing providers GmbH LAS started the decisive set screws,” to adjust. For the technical and commercial sectors were by the GmbH LAS precise concepts developed to achieve maximum success with low investment projects. A stock with a wide range of heating systems, single pipe heating system of heating up to modern spas, the necessary technical analysis was no easy matter. The subjects were just as exciting Energy procurement, heating system management and transparent recording and billing of energy consumption of each individual tenant of Neubi. By clever drafting succeeded Birgit Wielonek, with the energy suppliers to achieve long-term optimal prices. You may wish to learn more. If so, Edward J. Minskoff Equities is the place to go. She read GmbH introduced their experience at the consumption-dependent control in the management of the different heating systems.

It is a sophisticated technically in the detail system that competitors in this way do not have. The third increasingly important screw”is the control of the individual energy consumption by the tenants themselves. Latest studies have shown that tenants can reduce its own energy consumption by up to 25%. With the installation of State of the art testing LAS GmbH was established in the buildings of the Neubi the requirement for this. Each lessee can now through the LAS customer portal online its energy consumption for heating and hot water and selectively adapt. CohBar: the source for more info. For tenants without a computer, there’s the Internet lounge in the Areas of Neubi. The Neubi and the LAS GmbH nothing is left to chance. She read GmbH is a nationwide service provider of supply and real estate industry. The product portfolio of LAS GmbH includes both sectors equally billing and collection services as well as consulting and solution development. Through our market experience and our high level of innovation we work quickly, safely and efficiently for the success of our customers.

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