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Manager Conflict


Carlos Mora Vanegas if you want that something be done, appoints a Manager. If you want something be delayed eternally, appoints a Commission Napoleon the worker has more need for respect for that bread. Karl Marx aspects General and definition can not be denied that any company is subject at any time that a labour dispute arises is products of internal causes ranging from leadership, dissatisfaction in work, ill-defined functions, absence of integration of groups, technology, among others. As neither can deny, labour conflicts lead to a not beneficial organizational behavior towards established goals, development, good performance of the company, in particular to the emergence of a working environment that is detrimental to the Organization and thus to all the human resource who works in it.

Be considered as discussed in this regard, that the conflict is an inevitable aspect of organizational life where the individual being and the group played a decisive role in organizational behavior Across organization conflicts occur frequently, this is normal because where there is people interacting and exchanging ideas always will be disagreements, we are all different and complex. Conflict acts as a catalyst to improve the performances of persons and therefore of the organizations.Conflict means that situation in which two or more parties disagree among themselves. The disagreement can be multicausal and within an organization, this conflict generates two basic consequences: inefficiency and ineffectiveness. Inefficiency can range from a minimum interference in the operations of the company, until the emergence of serious dysfunctions which undermine the effectiveness of the Organization (obstruction in the achievement of the objectives of the Organization through the internal processes that belong to him). Scope and impact the conflict can act as a force positive or negative, so that the address should not strive to disappear, but delete those who affect negatively to the efforts of the organization dedicated to its objectives.. Read more from Verne Troyer to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

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