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An interest rate is not provided. The landlord may require more additional collateral and guarantees in certain cases in addition to the deposit. The deposit may be implemented rather than rent. She will be repaid at the end of the contract to the tenant. Taxes and Fees such as waste disposal may be killed on the tenant.

The community fees are calculated with usually by the owner, already in the rental only are separately to pay the cost of utilities, such as electricity, water, gas, etc. The landlord has to ensure that the rental property in a proper condition and he must take care to preserve the habitability of the real estate. For minor repairs, which will take the wear and tear through the daily use of the property, must be paid for by the tenant. “Previously the principle: sale breaks not hire”. The buyer of a rented dwelling had to enter into the lease and, where appropriate, until the end of the prescribed extension opportunities continuing this. This principle applies to the new law of tenancy only even if the tenancy in the property register is registered.

For the termination and eviction for late payment of the tenant, the residue of a single rental is sufficient according to the new regulation. In a judicial eviction oral proceedings can take place after a period of 10 days. The lessee has the ability to prevent the eviction against payment of all arrears until the very last moment. To protect of the landlord, the legislator has created now also register of final judgments due not paid rent. So a landlord can inform themselves, whether a prospective tenant already judicata to the evacuation of an apartment due to missing payments. All these measures are expected a revival of Spanish rental market, which affect in the holiday regions such as, for example, Mallorca. On, the interested reader can find a wide range of properties for long term rental. Whether as a holiday home or even as permanent residence extends the selection of apartments over houses and Fincas commercial real estate. Those interested in searching and selecting the right Mallorca property and accompany the experienced real estate consultant Contract with German translation. And even after the handover of the keys they remain as a contact spot on the side of the lessee.

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