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Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Lymph – that fluid in the body, which absorbs the cells microbes, waste products, toxins, viruses, drains excess fluid from the intercellular spaces. Lymph is a domestic cleaner the body, its main task – the removal of residues. Its natural flow in the body slowly, it moves through the suction of the skin to the bone under the influence of expansion during inhalation of the chest. The value of lymph to the health and external beauty of human very large, it is our home orderly. And to the lymphatic system is fully operational need muscle elasticity, active lifestyle, proper nutrition. To deepen your understanding Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is the source.

Not many of us can boast that at least one item of the above. At physiological disorders in the body is disturbed movement of lymph. Lymph flow in the body slows down: The sedentary lifestyle with age when flaccid When bad skin ecology Improper nutrition In the presence of diseases caused by improper, delayed lymph flow in the body accumulates intercellular fluid: there are swelling and bags under the eyes, face become puffy. But that's not all trouble. Harmful substances, degradation products are also beginning to accumulate in the cells – and there are signs of intoxication, weight problems, fatigue; weakened immune system – viruses and bacteria get a comfortable environment for breeding. In order to cope with the stagnation of the lymph is one of the proven tools – manual pumping of the lymphatic system and lymph drainage massage. Speaking candidly ratch told us the story. How is lymphatic drainage massage? – First, turn off the voltage and muscle spasms – Next undulating movements upwards in the course of lymph flow is pumped – Masseur directs the flow of lymph in the main lymph channels to accelerate its movement and the removal of all toxins and impurities from the body.

Movement masseur so soft and smooth, very often patients fall asleep during the massage. During sleep, the muscles relax and massage is particularly effective at the same time is relaxing and calming the nervous system. As a result, lymphatic drainage massage to 5 times increased lymph flow, adjusts its flow. Indications for lymphatic drainage Massage: Severe swelling of the body and face Varicose Veins Weight correction Cellulite Total Intoxication Frequent colds and infections Frequent headaches Oedema during pregnancy in 2.3 trimestah Muscle weakness and skin at menopause Lymphatic drainage massage is necessary to conduct the course, one should not expect miraculous results immediately after the first procedure. Lymphatic drainage massage is aimed at normalization of metabolic processes in organism, the correct setting of the entire body – such as internal restructuring can not happen instantly. The optimal holding of massage – 10 sessions of 2 – 3 times a week. Very good lymphatic drainage massage combined with masks and various wraps. After a course of lymph drainage massage, all patients noted that leaves long-term chronic fatigue, stop headaches, overweight disappears, especially in problem areas. A person gets a fresh complexion, the skin becomes elastic, swelling and cellulite disappear. Results of lymphatic drainage massage excretion of excess fluid Inhalators Treatment Cellulite Improvement of skin appearance

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