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This fear can not sleep and causes many physical disorders over me, such as shortness of breath, chills, cough and stomach pain. I feel myself often, full of fear, guilty, powerless, stressed out, angry, and under pressure. “Showed the consultation, there is an obvious connection between the fate of the grandmother/uncle (who at that time came about the same age as the son of Mrs. S. in the war) and their fate of mother/son.

Mrs S. was also extremely surprised and absolutely wanted to prevent a repeat of this drama. (The way the drug is an unconscious effort often dead to follow someone in the) We agreed on a common date for a dynamic meditation (Innerspace). A few days later wife wrote to see me the following mail: after our cooperation, I had a great need to sleep for two days. Followed a day in which I had a violent confrontation with my son, but the feeling, to use the right words and master my job as a mother accompanied me.” And two months after the dynamic meditation she wrote to me: my son has changed since the weekend, he speaks again with us and looking for our proximity with a striking ease I feel I am reborn, to provide new and to use. My gut feelings have reported back, and I’m counting more on it from time to time.” Thank you, dear Mrs S. IBI Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. thank you, that we may learn so much from you. Your example teaches us how relentlessly repeated the fate and at the same time offers hope for still being in the situation, with appropriate measures, in this case the dyn.

Meditation, to find new ways of solution, so that fate is experiencing a positive turning point. I wish you and your son of God’s power and healing! By the example of Mrs S., we experience the words of Leopold Szondi in a completely different light: 1 on our subconscious mind interfere with our ancestors in our destiny and guide our choices/decisions obsessively. Thus something called forced fate Szondi arises. 2. our position growing ICH has the power to enforce his own claims against that of the ancestors and to make their own choices. Thus the antipode of forced destiny is created: the free choice of fate! The present time is a time of waking up, of becoming aware, the awareness! Are you asleep yet or are you already? This slogan fits here and I hope you’re awake from your slumber. If not, then these lines might touch you and you want to also know what curse”the thirteenth fairy you came, without that you should have noticed it. These lines want to kiss you awake, gently and lovingly touch you. Maybe you feel very well spoken and want to take destiny in hand, move something, resurrect and bring about positive change. Yes? Then I look forward to a mail or a phone call from you. u0085Love Anna Gartner author, seminar management meditation & dyn. Imagination Tel: + 43 (0) 699 130 130 32 E-mail: homepage:

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