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Loan Secured Car


Today is one of the convenient options as expeditiously and fairly easy to get secured car loan us tell the director of Consumer Credit Cooperative "Commonwealth" Cheboksary Elena Bogdanova: – Obtain such a loan can be no guarantee. To make a decision rather make several simple steps. The first thing to do is to inspect the vehicle of the borrower. Loan amounts will depend on technical condition of the vehicle and the year of its release. Further prospective borrower must submit the following documents: – a Russian passport – TIN – pension and insurance certificate – the original passport vehicle – a certificate of registration of the vehicle to formally employed borrowers extra – income statement and a copy of the work book. It is also possible the other option. If you would like to know more about Avison Young, then click here. Suppose the borrower wants to buy a car, but lacks the funds to purchase the desired tf In this case, it can come into the office of the cooperative, together with the seller of a car, here on the spot to sign a purchase contract – the sale and bought car immediately provide collateral. – Elena, please describe step by step, for clarity, the whole procedure of obtaining a loan secured by the vehicle.

– The procedure is as follows: 1. Reception of documents 2. Entry into Cooperative 3. Making an application for a loan 4. Inspection and assessment of the market value of auto experts cooperative; 5. Signing the loan agreement; 6.

Issuance of money. In conclusion I would add that: The original TCP-to-maturity of the loan will be at the mortgagee – the cooperative; Redeem a loan can advance without any commissions, loan amount will depend on the model, year, condition, solvency of the borrower and other factors. Loan amounts can be up to 50% of the market value of a / m. Hull insurance is not compulsory, but desirable – will accelerate the adoption of a decision on the loan. In principle, possible to get a loan for the day.

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