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Le Male By Jean Paul Gaultier Celebrates This Year Its Anniversary


Happy birthday Le male: A classic is 15 years that advertising campaign helped with the sailors to the breakthrough: the speech is of course of “Le male”, the famous fragrance for men of the French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. It doesn’t matter whether you like the oriental scent or not somehow it does not Le male by the Eau de Toilette in the form of a man’s torso is among the most popular man perfumes for years? Designed by Francis Kurkdjian Le male, which had already developed fragrances for Dior, Davidoff and Escada. The fragrance character of Le male is dominated by a very dominant fougere touch that gives the perfume a very masculine touch. Just in time for the anniversary Jean Paul has more information about the scent of Le male, jean-paul-gaultier/jean-paul-gaultier-le-male.aspx Gaultier his well-known fragrance a nasty brother bought: Le male terrible. From the exterior, the new Le male fragrance differs from the original, bears “Le terrible” but an army tag around the neck of the bottle.

The new fragrance is as 75 ml and 125 ml Eau de toilette extreme available: the aroma of the fragrance is here due to a higher concentration of perfume oils more intensively and with a rough base note unconventional as the traditional Le male perfume. The 1952 born Jean Paul Gaultier has never made a training to the fashion designer. And still: inspired by his talent, Pierre Cardin hired 1970 him as assistants. In the following years, he then works as a fashion designer for Jacques Esterel and Jean Patou. His first collection presented in 1976 Gaultier in Paris. The unusual creations with influences from the punk movement, which he presented on overweight and tattooed models, a stir in the fashion world.

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