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Additional inputs via remote acquisition allows up to 100 inputs via RS485 GigLog-S to connect modules. These modules are a more or less standard and are offered by many providers. Advantech ADAM-4000, AdLINK NDAM-6000 ICP I-7000, eDAM – 8000. This a RS485 is done via the RS232 port network. GigLog-S is the master, to which you can connect up to 9 slaves. One or more other GigLog-S cards can assume also the role of slaves.

GigLog-S manages up to 100 inputs, of which 16 internal external on a map of a0 to a15 and 84 a16 to a99. For all inputs, the raw value to an effective value can be cast prior to recording to the memory card, and before it is displayed on the LCD. All inputs can be displayed on the alphanumeric display or on the Optional graphical LCD. A graphics screen can optional graphics screen = GigLog-S LCD as an option on the GigLog-S be connected. 320 x 240 pixels, 5.7 “, color, technology TFT, backlight, touch panel.

GigLog-S LCD complete with display + box available. There are 15 channels recorded and each 5 of them appearing on 3 sides. The number of channels, the channels per page displayed the last 60 seconds or the last 60 minutes, the last 48 hours or the last 100 days, and the lengths of the periods can be changed in the configuration. Record data for the graphical display takes place regardless of the recording of the data on the memory card. This data will be lost during power cuts. You select the period on the lower menu bar to be displayed. In the upper menu line to choose between status and display a page. The channels are displayed in the top menu bar. Channels are not synonymous with inputs. You can associate an input to each channel. The key is the name of the input, or if he does not have, his number is displayed and its color on the screen. If you click on a channel, this is pushed to the fore: his curve takes precedence and its Y axis is displayed. Click on > moves the page and shows on other channels. Display einerAnlage with the inputs as a bar graph. Display the installation as an image in the background. The bar graphs in the foreground show the current statuses of the inputs. Example of a photovoltaic plant: three solar cells with their currents. Charging status of the batteries. Three current collectors with their discharge currents. You develop your own movable elements such as: valve closed, open, engine stands, slowly backward, fast forward. Two software packages for the direct control (GigTerm) of the data logger are complete software support for your own developments In the scope of delivery and contain for viewing (GigData) the detected values, including ‘C’ compiler, debugger, firmware source code and extensive documentation for the creation and integration of customer-specific applications and algorithms.

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