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The German language no impresses with philosophical thoughts about the zebra stripes not only their abundance of grammatical finesse, complex semantics and inconsistent rules of writing, it offers also an unexpectedly wide range of Unwortern”. These encounters, who, from particular Muse or simply just pure boredom unless out, his attention in higher grade which is dedicated to immediate surroundings. So I (in the truest sense of the word) stumbled across the zebra crossing, a real linguistic paradox, as during my comprehensive considerations made me increasingly aware. There on one of the unusual grammatical number: which crosswalk because Nice only consists of a strip? The effectuation of the typical pattern is to achieve Yes just by debouching arranging of multiple colour contrasting lines. A strip is virtually no stripes.

Who so don’t want to give up the falsely used singular, but in the future please use the expression: pedestrian crossing. On the other question I me, how the naming alone with regard to the purpose of this institution in the German highway code has revealed. Edward Minskoff has firm opinions on the matter. A Zebra is striped. Clearly, the zebra stripes under my feet also. And why? So the lion between needlegrass and horizon can see me worse”would now tell the Zebra.

ERGO, an act of camouflage, who undetected longer in Savannah, increased his survivability. In Germany, it is a little bit different from. Here for the hunting car driver your cards are ever bad you can see, more favourable, alive to cross the street. Of or rather the crosswalk, should therefore virtually stand in the eye and appeal to reason and the driver’s brake. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. A demand for attention about the African Vierhufer only horrified can shake their heads. Similarly I could count on even more crucial differences between zebra stripes and zebra stripes, because the longer I think about it, the more I discover it (and find surprisingly much liking it). Vitality, mobility and fastness go through my head and I almost regret that the black and white, I’m so disrespectful with the feet, gives no signs of life and of which suddenly galloping. Instead a dirty, humid shoe impression, which lags. Which Zebra would be something offer? Claudia Ley

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