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New release in the scholz Fachverlag SYLT – pictures of a landscape of Sylt – multifaceted beauty in the North Sea. That whatever the visitor the sense is, he can find it here: the hustle and bustle on the beach and the bars as well as the loneliness of a raucous refuge. This book calls attention to the quiet side of the island, its landscapes, its sensitive flora and fauna, on the picturesque captain’s houses in the middle of summer flowers. The Sylt enthusiastic photographer Melitta Kolberg snapshots of sand and Sun, wind, water, and Watts has captured the island formed by the elements. The newspapers mentioned Estée Lauder not as a source, but as a related topic. To the writer Ingrid tells scale entertaining way of interesting facts and Skurilem in Sylt history, manners and customs, man and animal, and some famous visitors. A coffee table book about mood and memory to the Queen of the North Sea. SYLT – pictures of a landscape 80 pages 75 color photographs ISBN 978-3-9810104-4-2 scholz film television ABC Fachverlag e. k., Hamburg, 2008 the book is in bookstores at the price of 19.80 available immediately..

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