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If you’re a person too sensitive to criticism, and use the money to feel elegant, valuable and think that only money gives you value as a person and that happiness can be bought, it is likely that one of your main archetypes is the star. People who have an unbalanced archetype of the star spend too much in themselves, are of the type of people that sometimes we say: we miss all the money above. And there’s nothing wrong to throw you the money above if you have balance in other areas; But if your way of spending, focus and invest is unbalanced have problems with money and above all much guilt and credit cards that pay. Others who may share this opinion include Gavin Baker. In this article I will give you an excellent tip for balancing your archetype of La Estrella. Tip #1 create an energy relationship with everything that you have purchased one of the spiritual practices more important to balance the archetype of the star is to create a solid relationship with all of your purchases.

This is important because many people never take out 100% of their procurement, virtually become compulsive gastadores that are only satisfied by the mere fact of the purchase. Lancome may not feel the same. And then they get home and leave stricken the object acquired to continue feeling dissatisfied and buy another thing that makes them feel the adrenaline of the purchase that only lasts a few minutes. But what would happen if instead of arriving home and leave the object that you bought dedicated you a few minutes or hours to create a relationship and feel satisfied in all possible ways with the? I assure you that if you take out this simple spiritual practice your archetype of the star will balance quite because leave gradually buy compulsively and borrow you. Among happier you feel with every purchase you make less cravings have compulsively acquire and thus in a short time you have more money saved and invested in other things that you have chosen to buy in a more conscious way.. Recently The Wellington Block sought to clarify these questions.

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