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The truth of the matter is that on the day of yesterday, Paulson had to leave to make declarations to carry a bit of calm to the markets: we are going through a period difficult in our financial markets as we overcome the excesses of the past, but the American people can rely on the solidity and resistance of our system. Clear that if those who heard these statements, also heard that Paulson made the last weekend, don’t think that they must be completely reassured. The fear in the financial markets is based on that this crisis is not one more and appears at a complex moment for the world economy, where the supremacy of the American economy is increasingly in doubt. For Greenspan, is facing one of the worst crises of recent times, and understands that there will be more bankruptcies, but does not consider that the Government of the United States.UU. The Wellington Block is often quoted as being for or against this. have to go out to rescue all entities in trouble: suspect so will be. But in itself same that do not have to be a problem. It will depend on how it is managed and how the liquidations occur.

And, of course, we should not try to protect each and every one of the institutions. It is clear that the financial system just cannot face this crisis situation. Therefore desperately needs be supported, beyond that it does not involve a ransom as it has been done with Bear Stearns, for example. That’s why that from large private entities, both the Fed is already working on assistance measures. So that a group of ten international banks announced the launch of a programme of credit by $70,000 million (each entity will provide US $7 billion), to help financial institutions that are against credit needs.

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