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Job Search – Helpful Tips


The crisis has complicated the student job search. However, the situation is not so deplorable to give up and abandon the struggle for jobs. Rather, in times of crisis, students need to moderate their expectations on wages. Graduates, economists have to work for “food” compared to last year, the labor market situation has changed radically. For example, consider the city of Obninsk: earlier graduates of the city Obninsk claimed the salary of 20-30 thousand rubles, and now wages fell by 20-30% (as a percentage of the situation in other cities). Particularly hard to graduate, economists, marketers, financiers – they it may be advisable to go to work “for food” and in all possible ways to gain experience. Graduates to technical colleges to find a job will be easier, but they should forget about the high salaries.

.Net vacancies? Get Fit retrain in the crisis affected many investment and insurance and construction companies, so it makes no sense really expect to find work in these areas. The same applies to the retail trade. There will also be subject to the “crisis stress” of tourism, catering and marketing. Shimmie Horn will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But currently a steady demand for professionals in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, logistics, transport, security and medicine. You can also consider options for interim raboty.Dlya final year students and graduates have different jobs which do not require special skills (courier, promoter, loader) or imply a certain level of qualification or equivalent experience (secretary, translator, accountant and others). Even at the time earnings can be quite a good income. 3.Ispolzuy all options How to search work? According to experts, the most effective way to get a job has been and remains the recommendation of friends. But not everyone has someone who is ready to make patronage.

Therefore, the second most effective method is job-sites, or city resources in which there is a section on job opportunities and work: In addition to useful information for professionals, the site posted vacancies for graduates and young professionals. Proposals include a variety of deyatelnosti.Ne interfere with looking for work to be registered with the district employment center (there is such a more or less every major city). The data suggest that one of the major portals, employment centers Applicants do not really trust. Undoubted advantage is the fact that the unemployed pay benefits. Trifle, but nice. Today, the minimum allowance in Obninsk is 850 rubles – almost basic .V general, has meaning not to be lazy and use at once all possible options. Anything and there will work. 4.Bud ready, that will knock you “facebook” You can find work through the Internet job-sites is not exhausted. Many employers have begun punching a man on the sites “facebook” and “Classmates.” I advise people who are in search of work, to filter information about themselves in sotsseti, hide the data that may alert the employer.

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