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Irritation To The Green Vault


Information deficit to the Green Vault reduces visitors often enjoying the Dresdner treasure Chamber Museum art is presented since 2006 in two different exhibition areas in the residence Palace. With its approximately 4000 high-profile exhibits, it is one of the richest collections of its kind in the world. Visitors should consult beforehand about what’s up with the two parts and the handling of tickets. Speaking candidly Sire Design told us the story. It is often unclear which was the “real” green vaults. The name irritate many visitors to write new and HISTORICALLY. They get no time ticket for that historically, they are disappointed, without knowing that there is a large part of the treasures in the new. Already, the name “Green vaults” raises questions. Long before his Museum importance, he described those vaults in the Dresden Royal Palace, which housed the treasures of the House of Wettin.

The interior design of these vaults were provided with a malachitgrunen paint. It derived the name remaining today. August the strong, Regent of 1794 until 1733, had the idea to present the treasures of his ancestors, which he himself considerably increased, magnificently. Art mind, wealth of ideas and a strong advantage need want have induced him to. Oberland architect Poppelmann implemented August vision until 1730 in the Act: created eight state rooms in the West Wing of the Castle. It had the material after, a fascinating symbiosis of Interior design and art object.

After the second world war, only a small selection of treasures was shown in the Albertinum due to spatial fact. With the reconstruction of the heavily damaged Dresden Castle, the treasures of their place of origin returned in 2004 and 2006. For the first time, the entire treasury stock of the public is accessible nearly. He is shown in two equivalent exhibition areas with each an own Fund and a logistical specificity of interested visitors before planning your trip should know: In September 2004, the new green vault in the first floor of the castle with its ten opened Grant, in approximately 1080 art objects of gold, silver, precious stones, email, bronze, amber and ivory.

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