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These possibilities of the use of human energy metabolism, were minimized by the so-called civilization of cheap oil and automobile. And timidly began to be exposed in developed countries as a result of the oil crisis of 1973. Even in schemes of assistance for the development of these countries, intimating these solutions, which at least in Argentina, were almost taken into account, subject to the exceptions of which always refuse to follow the mainstream. Should not be overlooked that in the Metropolitan and rural areas of the third world, continued using them is as it came doing since ancestral times. In concurrency with these developments, technological scientific development, had been available, a series of elements that would allow, apply them to extract the full potential of the human metabolic energy in a world that moves rapidly towards the low – carbon societies, concept that does not yet have a Spanish translation of widespread acceptance, but that indicates a world where fossil fuels are going to be minimized; and where possible, taken from circulacion(mediante mecanismos de rescate y secuestro) carbon dioxide emissions, that already pollute the Earth atmosphere.

Most these turbulent times of asymmetrical globalization, not make us forget that our place in the world is this Argentina accelerated trance of latinoamerizanizacion: and since think situated on our optics, We must outline alternatives congruent with our idiosyncrasy, and answers with available natural resource endowment. Our already prolonged experiences and sector studies public Argentine, we appreciate that in its interior, the circulation of the information tends to be of high viscosity. The incorporation of the technologies of communication and information (ICT) to this sector, seems still peripheral. In addition to potential users, i.e. the entire population that is able to read, it has not perceived massively huge and growing volumes of information available.

For example, today it is available on the Internet, an almost unknown document: LA DECISION administrative DISTRIBUTIVE analytical of the budget (DADAP), that the information is more detailed about the work of the four branches of the federal Government. Those who tend to read this voluminous document, we tend to believe, sometimes even Governments themselves, have idea of everything that is done annually. Depending on the preceding paragraph, not us would entail if for example at the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial, or in any Institute of the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas, national technological university or in any engineering or agronomy. (The list is merely indicative), is studying alternatives like that they discussed here. We take for granted that there are sectors (more above mentioned to the cartoneros) which in their practical day-to-day use their own physical efforts to satisfy their needs. Attentive the gravity of the situation, would wish that there is a rapid communication between public agencies and the population sectors that are applying some kind like the one discussed here. To the extent that are disclosed properly, and break the bureaucratic structural nestings, we will be in better capacity and aptitude of processing with their own criteria, the problems that have already passed to integrate the ordinariness of our respective inventories.

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