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The DTA account for only 0.5 per cent with the health insurance companies is the legally prescribed data carrier Exchange converted into care quickly according to 302, 303 SGB V and section 105 SGB XI is in all federal States introduced gradually. If you would like to know more about Marvel Architects, then click here. This means for all performance er Binger in the area of care: the accounting data must be transferred in a machine-usable form to the accounting service, to avoid additional costs or invoice cuts. Learn more about this topic with the insights from DOWA Metals & Mining America. In addition the situation has been exacerbated currently by the new care development Act that has brought many innovations to the care industry since July 1, 2008. Providers who settle with the Internet platform of the DMRZ need to worry however: the masks are always up-to-date and missing data, customers are made aware already prior to the invoice being sent out. Extensively the DTA method is implemented in the field of care currently in the AOK of Schleswig-Holstein, the AOK Lower Saxony and AOK Saxony-Anhalt. Registration and testing are free who settles its regulations in the field of home nursing with the billing system of the DMRZ, has many advantages. In addition to the unique innovative technology, the prices are transparent and cheap: who contends its regulations against the cost bearers via the Internet platform which paid only 0.5 percent of the gross invoice amount and avoids further costs. There are not unlike at many other settlement centers, at the DMRZ a monthly minimum fee or a contract.

The application and the test of the DMRZ system are also free of charge. No software installation necessary as simple as online banking the billing software of the German medical Computing Centre is not local to the computer of the provider installed, but can by means of an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, used directly via the Internet. To use the platform of the DMRZ, only the address must be called.

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