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Insurance for foreigners in Prague, Czech Republic. Insured event occurs for a man, as a rule, always unexpected and not part of his plans. Unfortunately, the human body is imperfect and we have to apply for various issues related to health to medical specialists. Medical insurance of Czech citizens, as in other matters, and citizens of Western Europe, is considered mandatory and shall be registered immediately after birth. Insurance companies provide some insurance programs for citizens with residence permits in the Czech Republic is generally mandatory health insurance Standart covers outpatient and inpatient treatment of human, operations and reimbursement of cash funds for the acquisition at the time of treatment drugs and medical services. Advanced insurance package Standart-Akutni + Stomatologie + Sportovni cinnost lets make costly dental treatment, treatment of chronic diseases associated with disabilities, the treatment of athletes involved in dangerous sports. Compulsory insurance do not come cheap. All calculations are monthly and annual insurance you can provide in the departments of insurance companies vzp (For individuals) or ozp (for employees of enterprises having legal personality, or private entrepreneurs).

At the time of writing insurance vzp and ozp for foreigners living in the Czech Republic, no is mandatory. Many people prefer them not to use because of high cost and complexity of design. Exceptions are children of foreigners studying in secondary schools and preschools. Management of these agencies require that insurance vzp for children under 18 years of age. The best option is probably to issue the insurance companies vzp.

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