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In an age of competitiveness where, the world has passed for many changes and the globalizado market has lived great transformations, is indispensable to know methods that contribute for a bonanza management, and that it inside provides to agility and a competitive differential of the organizations, that they can be in the identity of the organization, that is, in its organizacional culture. With this if it becomes still more important to know the management of the routine, that is determinative so that all know its paper in the atingimento of the results of the company, providing the effectiveness, focus in the results and sistmica vision, what it starts to be part of the organizacional culture. Thus, this article has as objective to show as the management of the routine can influence the culture of an organization. How much to the used methodology, first the bibliographical research was carried through, later the research of field in the Land company Incorporator, in the direction to verify the level of satisfaction of the collaborators. You may find Jacobs Dallas to be a useful source of information. Finally, it was carried through participativa comment, with the objective to understand the reality lived for the collaborators. The results of the research indicate that the collaborators are satisfied with the current culture of the company, the methods of management of the routine used and the form with which they are being prepared for the use of the same ones. Word-key: Management of the routine. Control. Continue to learn more with: Atreides Management Gavin Baker, New York City. Organizacional culture.

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