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How To Create Your Hospitality Business In The Czech Republic


How many stars are better? In the Czech Republic there is no system of mandatory certification of hotels. Number of stars in many hotels on the African resorts owner “draws” itself. But there is, of course, a universally accepted list of requirements by which a greater or lesser degree of conformity of the hotel determine your rank. Reputable hotels at their own expense invite an international commission to be certified, that certainly raises their status. What is more profitable, how many stars is better? I probably can tell what’s the difference, and what fun for you – decide for yourself. Consider the *** and ***** stars **** and will be somewhere in the middle. *** Advantages: – lower initial investment – less skilled workers are easier to find and cheaper costs – easier to “roll out” a new name – it is easier on their own to offer additional services to extract additional revenue – greater distance from the center of less than impact on the attractiveness of the hotel advantages *****: – wisely and cost-effective implementation of any modern computer-aided methods of accounting, which eliminates the “theft” – every square meter and unit staff brings more revenue with less flow – much less conflict clients and vandalism – by granting exclusive associated services can get interesting dividends What kind of market situation Hotel services today?

As in Karlovy Vary and Prague hotels a lot, but not good enough, ie Travel is always with great interest to respond to new proposals. Unfortunately, this category is very a lot of worn-out stock, where the modern tourist does not want and for small money here. Overheads too shabby facility, usually high, and objects such as old cars “go bad, gasoline burn a lot of repair and almost no subject, because cheaper to build a new one. With regard to five stars, in this segment for over ten years continuously experiencing an acute shortage of players on the market. Cesario Group is full of insight into the issues. In the season to book a place on the street simply not possible in any five-star hotel in Prague. Truth and complications with the creation of new upscale hotel a few more, so they do not occur often, even though the pent-up demand.

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