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Videotapes went to far in the past, they were replaced by dvd. But the wheels are not intrinsically different from the many tapes. This is the same physical media, which holds a film of good quality. Discs also have to store and search the desired film on the shelf. Music for a long time no one buys in shops on cd. All music is now pumped from the Internet and stored on computer hard drives and built-in memory players.

Video meet the same fate. Even now Many providers have a server is packed full of movies. Soon we will not even remember what movies used to come into our homes is not on the network. Other ways are outdated and their days are numbered. But watch movies on computer screens are not very convenient.

Many of the tv screen is much larger than the screen. And watch lying on the couch with remote in hand is much nicer. Okay: open secret. Movies now have to look on players hard drive that connects to a home tv. While this is a novelty – this is not your friends and work colleagues. What is a player on a hard drive or, in other words, HDD-player: a compact device with the latest e-filling and modern design, which allows to accommodate a standard computer hard drive types ide 3.5 'to 160 gb. With the device, it is not available – you can use a hard drive that you have stayed on previous computer or buy a new drive – thank god, now they are not expensive, not like before. The hard disk is installed inside the device is very simple. To deal with that even a child. To do this, complete a screwdriver, and besides it did not need it. After the installation disc, the player connects to your pc via usb cable and, after formatting, it is ready to work. Now you can record on a hard drive player, as an ordinary flash drive, all your music and movies. Thus, you will free up much space on your hard disk, which was previously used as an audio-video store. Excellent! The entire collection is now in one place – on one device. Connect your player to your tv av cable that comes on screen you will see a menu that displays all the folders and files on your hard drive. Choose and watch movies, listen to music, show your friends Photos from the last trip to the big screen! With the device comes handy remote control that can perform any manipulation from your sofa. One of the features of the new items lies in the fact that you can take at the box set of discs at once and copy them to hard disk player, it will look when it will want – thereby solving the problem and the problem. After gathering a decent collection can be share files with friends. The player is not heavy and not bulky – it's very easy to take along. Now you can give your friends what do you have and take from them what you have. It is much simpler and much cheaper than constantly burning discs. The player reads the following file formats: MPEG4, including DivX, XviD, avi, etc.; MPEG2 (DVD, SVCD), including mpg, VOB; MPEG1 (VCD), including mpg, DAT; CD-DA, ASF; MP3 , WMA; JPEG

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