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History Of Felix


The life of the man is like the history of Felix, who from boy felt that there was an emptiness in his life. It thought that it had to play and to be ventured, to make pranks to fill that part of his heart; thinking about high voice it exclaimed: I have still not obtained it! When entering the adolescence, it thought that to have a woman to its side it was what it needed, and was given completely to fill its life with a single intention: to look for that special woman. It happened of the emotional thing to the sexual thing, it was overflowed in passions, one fell in love time and time again discovering: I have still not obtained it! It felt that it had let pass important years without forming, so its goal was to be educated to be able to satiate its thirst. The following years were of sacrifice, study and much delivery, to the aim when it obtained his academic goals, I notice that there the emptiness still was and thought: I have still not obtained it! It was said to itself, I am going away to go by the world, to cross cultures, to know people and traditions, something that did, spent several years, people knew, learned languages, coexisted with different cultures, nevertheless a day said: I have still not obtained it! When continuing feeling that emptiness, one was convinced that it needed to be part of something, and case and had children, trained a beautiful family, but account occurred that the same restlessness of its childhood followed with, and sad it whispered: I have still not obtained it! It said then: I must hard work, much, to make an effort to give them to a future family to me, took which it to put in function its studies, experiences and to use all the energy possible to create a capital.

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