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i) crust on the scalp. On the scalp and the eyebrows often form a crust. They do not pose any danger, the cause of their occurrence is not failure to comply with cleanliness. In medicine, known as “seborrhea head ‘or’ seborreynye crust ‘. This is the most common and probably the most mild form of the so-called ‘seborreynogo dermatitis’, which represents skin condition, exists mainly in the first weeks of life and consists in the excessive secretion of fatty substances, accompanied by scaling and redness of the skin. Seborrenye crusts are localized especially in the parietal area and in a large fontanel.

These deposits can be so massive that form a compact, thick, bold, aderentny, sometimes foul-smelling layer prirezkom department which serves the red, irritated, sometimes oozing skin. These crusts (thin layer with small fragments) may also be formed on the eyebrows or in areas behind the ears. When the crust thin or small, you can remove them after a bath brush Hair with soft and very gentle movements. When a layer of compact crusts and recurrent, is applied for 10-12 hours before bathing simple Vaseline or 0,5-1% salicylic acid ointment. and the head washed by hand gently and thoroughly 3-4 times a week soapy water. Recall that the area of the fontanelles is not fragile and can be washed as well as the rest of the scalp. k) whitlow. Jorge Perez insists that this is the case. These are small clusters of pus around the nails. These lesions should show a doctor, as they can be the starting point of more serious infections. Prior to joining the doctor should be to squeeze or do that or take. The most that can be done – applying sterile compresses.

l) stomatitis. We are talking about whitish, more or less confluent spots localized on the oral mucosa, which becomes red. Sometimes they are accompanied by difficulty in sucking and anxiety. They are not dangerous in themselves, but consist of microscopic fungus that can spread at a distance (intestine). As a warning of recommended boiling the milk bottles and teats, washing of the breast several times a day. if already there are forms of stomatitis, along with the above activities should be carried out under doctor’s orders wash your mouth. m), white spots on the gums. Sometimes at the edges of the gums newborn observed small white dots, as in the beginning of teething, but they do not touch the tip of a finger when we touch the gum. This small cysts, which disappear with time on their own. They should not be confused with the two small white spots behind mandible, right and left, which are under the pharyngeal mucosa, an imprint of normal small bony protrusions. Be Healthy!

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