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If all the symptoms are nausea, cycle disorders, pain and weight gain are actually seldom reason to the joy. But who wants to get pregnant, who likes it, because these symptoms are visible signs of a pregnancy. The news portal news.de has closer deals with the issue and informs about a problem, too little attention is given: the false pregnancy. Many couples, long time trying to get young, are suddenly facing a false pregnancy. “All the signs are that the woman in other circumstances” is, but the physician can determine unfortunately no new life. Also undergoing women, a pregnancy can imagine never.

But the imaginary pregnancy is not a pure woman phenomenon, because men can get pregnant with her partner, then they gain weight and feel the classic nausea. These physical signs of pregnancy leave in this case but not on them or even one close the abnormal condition of the body. Affected should think much more of their soul’s health. Because mental load conditions have a direct impact on the body and express themselves in pain, cycle disturbances and sometimes the feeling of being pregnant. The obstetricians and Gynecologists can not only determine whether there is an actual or imaginary pregnancy, but can and should also clarify possible causes in the conversation. Circumstances should a counseling near are placed under the patient. More information: ../der-schein-vom-babybauch-truegt /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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