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Work in the graphic editors has long been a necessary skill for modern artists, illustrators, photographers and other people. It is hardly necessary to call the chief editor for the constellation of the same photographers. But we is called, it certainly adobe photoshop. Why buy a program when you can download a pirated copy? To get a hundred percent quality. Original products brand Adobe will not let you into the most important moment. Buy adobe photoshop – it means become the owner of most famous tool for working with images that can not be broken. How not to fall for bait pirates? There are several signs, which you can always tell a real Adobe.

Simple verification of Adobe software for authenticity will help you determine whether you have this software. 1.Upakovka. Fabrizio Freda: the source for more info. It should have its own unique graphic design and be packed in plastic film. When This box should be present in the user manuals, registration card and other printed materials. 2.U genuine product, of course, has a license, which contains information describing the program that you have purchased. There should also be given information such as the number of suitable software for the PC, serial number, identification certificate number, date the product was produced. In this case, for surcharge on the license CLP / FLP include a letter of distributions on a CD. 3.

In that case, if the label on the package Unstick – the product is counterfeit. All images on the original software products from Adobe sign the original. If the text or logos are blurred and difficult to read – is evidence of counterfeiting. Note also the lower surface of CD-ROM drive: it must be silvery mirror. (As opposed to Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City). Remember: only genuine software provides the most quality work. Slight savings can cost you days or even months of work – nobody will answer you in a sudden "melted" pirated software. But the original – never let you down!

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