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Finally we have within the positive concordances to the exact concordance. This is valid when only and exclusively in the search engine is now placed the exactly the same as our keyword phrase we see the negative concordance and as he explains, used to prevent publications of notices that would be useless and above all prevent clicks that shout us unproductive expenditure. If you have declared the free Word as negative – for free if someone placed our key phrase and also added free, none of our positive concordances could shoot the announcement because we have declared to free as negative concordance this is of the utmost importance because our purpose is to sell and we don’t want that someone looking for a free report reaches a click on our ads. Because finishing I would like to make a clarification about write words or key phrases both uppercase to lowercase. Google considers to what was written in the Finder without differentiating if it is in one way or another, or with the rest lowercase and uppercase letters.

Therefore key words will place them as you want to but a single time, or without put them in different ways, is the same although google shows us data separate if you put keywords in different ways. At least for the moment not unlike them. If they wish by the doubts placed them in all possible ways, there is no problem the concordances are very important to select the type of traffic you want to capture.

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