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Good Look 45 Not Of Course Is


ECCO new bifocal contact lenses deliver sharp look in the distance and close to the royal. Munich many people over 45 know this situation: see something on TV and want to take a look at the TV magazine once quickly. But before they can, they must only from the TV glasses – and put on reading glasses. So far high quality glasses, such as E.g. sliding sight glasses were the only good alternative to this UMstandlichen procedure. “Contact lenses meet the high demands of over 45 years, however, so far not even though half of all wearers 45 would like to try contact lenses”, so Holger Thoma, optometrist master and owner of ThomVision in Munich. Interference-free appearance whether near or far offers royal ThomVision to meet the desire of this age group for the first time for hochwertigen contact lenses to correct of age-related short – and long-sightedness, since September 2009, the innovative contact lens ECCO.

It provides a visual impression, with the the high-quality mechanical vision goggles is similar. The contact lenses are very well tolerated and provide an exzellente correction of poor eyesight: it doesn’t matter whether the views into the distance or close to Rove. To ensure trouble-free look in every situation, the contact lens must sit stable on the eye. The exact position on the eye and a stable seat be achieved by ECCO royal product design and its new combination of stabilisation. So, ECCO allows royal image jump free and clear separation between distance and proximity. Who would like to learn more, is warmly invited to a non-binding consultation at ThomVision in Munich.

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