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ECO solar g that including Zusatzakku Auch if the battery in the new iPhone 4 G is significantly improved, which remains for iPhone 4 G iPhone a power hog. The new ECO solar g extended the run time of the iPhone 4 G to the double. In addition the external 2400mAh Li-Polymer is loaded battery of the ECO solar g on the road by an integrated solar panel. The sleek and sturdy protective case with the dimensions 123 x 67 x 22 mm, battery and solar panel are integrated also protects the iPhone 4 G from outside influences. A further highlight is the mini-USB connector on the g and the iPhone 4 G can be loaded. In addition, other devices can hook up via a USB (E.g. mp3 player) will be supplied with electricity.

An led display, the current status of the ECO is visible solar g. Regardless of sockets, there is probably currently no greener way to operate its iPhone 4 G! This useful companion is currently the world’s only about ECOPEARL on Amazon () gp/product/B004082L8M) available. ECOPEARL GmbH Philip Warth Dennis-Gabor Strasse 2 14469 Potsdam Tel.: +49(0)331 – 887-667 18 E-Mail: Editorial Note: the ECOPEARL GmbH first-class products specialises, designed to spare the wallet of the consumer and at the same time our natural resources. It has started with water quantity controls, small but effective articles which regulate the water consumption without sacrificing comfort on the amount of usable. Also well-known customers such as VW are convinced by this concept and they have in everyday use, to save water and reduce costs at the same time. True to the company motto: we grow with water. And our ideas bubble up daily for you”now even more fields, E.g. in the area of the solar industry should be opened up.

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