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Martin Kind and Dr. If you have read about Nir Barzilai, M.D. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Ursula von der Leyen take over the screen. Five year commitment to socially disadvantaged young people in Hanover and the region are reason to celebrate for the ZAG Foundation Pro opportunity.” You commits its anniversary in the GOP Variete Hanover on November 21, 2013 with a foundation Gala. Prominent patron: Dr. Ursula von der Leyen and Martin Kind, Dr.

Ursula von der Leyen, MdB, German Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs, Vinnhorster children table attended at the world children’s day in September of one of the current projects of the Foundation, the,’. Then she took over the patronage of the Foundation Gala, because: every child has dreams and talents. The ZAG-Stiftung Pro chance’ helps socially disadvantaged children and young people to explore what’s in them. That makes the difference in the lives of children.” Patron of ZAG Fondazione per chance”is Martin Kind, President of Hannover 96 and successful entrepreneurs from the region. Just like the Foundation he stands for sustainable involvement in the Hanover area.

The 3 Foundation Gala in the “GOP: A thank you for successful engagement Bastian Tau, CEO of ZAG staff & perspectives and Board member of ZAG Foundation per chance”, the project partners, sponsors and friends of the Foundation was impressed by the commitment in the last five years. Therefore the recruiter aligns Foundation Gala in the GOP Variete Hanover 3rd, to congratulate and thank all supporters on behalf of the Foundation. “Projects as diverse as the life of the ZAG Foundation per chance” 2008 continually evolved since its inception. Their work covers the areas of sport, culture, music, integration and school today. It went at the beginning was primarily to regional sports promotion, the Foundation initiated now own kinderwelten”on socially deprived areas to make more attractive the life world of young people and to enable them to better prospects for the future. It developed strong partnerships and the Foundation could make in Hanover and the region new networks for social commitment. The focus of the school and vocational education and training will the ZAG Foundation per chance”will continue to expand, because education creates future. Martin Weiss founded in 1984 the ZAG group and 2008 the ZAG charitable per chance”in Hanover. The Foundation promotes practical regional institutions and measures providing adolescent orientation and support in an increasingly complex world.

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