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I am Paola Pecora, publisher of Latinforme.com and mean something to him: like investor and analyst of markets, I cling to which I create and itself my own analysis and investigation. I invest professionally from 1990, and I come helping to investors like you, from 1996. With my equipment we have been seeing some good companies in which to invest and that they will generate good gains in next the 6 months. But this one is the moment for doing it. If it wants to follow to me and to comprise of the new investors PREMIUM who will begin to increase their capital following the recommendations of Global Value, I suggest to him takes 2 minutes to read what follows here General Motors (NYSE: GM) bet to Brazil 16 Julio the 2009 international financial crisis has altered the rate of life of the families anywhere in the world, modifying its habits of consumption of as abrupt form as unexpected. Yesterday friend communicated me with that I have in the United States (specifically, is living in Miami) who described to me how she has hit the crisis in the habitual rate of the city, which is decided on a low profile in the consumption that has made him lose its characteristic brightness. The American consumer has become less consumer from blow and has begun to develop the culture of the saving. In one of the markets where this situation is in clear he is in the automotive market.

The American vehicle park is aging because the families pospone their decision to renew the model of their vehicle. The crisis has drained the consumption of the Americans and until the size of the automobiles. Surely these families are resorting to a great amount of excuses to justify in front of their neighbors the decision to maintain their vehicles more of the customary thing. .

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