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Galileo Vibration Therapy


Mr Thomas-Lindoso now known expands practice vibration therapy “in the medical device sector. in food for nearly three years for his individual therapeutic treatments Klaus Thomas Lindoso with Galileo In its centrally located practice for natural medicine, body work (bioenergetics) and holistic therapy”. Mr Thomas Lindoso now in food for almost three years known for its individual therapeutic treatments. These include, in addition to Trad. Thai massages, Bioenergetischer bodywork and holistic therapy primary prevention courses (stress reduction and loosen muscular / emotional stress States through health-enhancing body work) SGB V certified in accordance with section 20. Edward Minskoff has similar goals. Naturopaths (psychotherapy) his master patient and interested customers an additional method of treatment with the Galileo vibration therapy offers “on.” This page alternating provides for patients with back problems, osteoporosis, pelvic floor weakness or to the fall prevention Vibration training an effective help. As well, it is an optimum supplement to improve performance in sports and to the rapid reintegration after injuries.

When training on the Galileo unit (patented rocker principle) is the basin as in the walking – only moves much excellence. The body compensates this unconsciously with reflex-driven rhythmic muscle movements. Depending on the frequency of training, the muscles is relaxed or strengthened. During training, this increases the blood circulation in the legs, the metabolism: reduces pain, improves agility, flexibility and coordination, muscle tension is resolved quickly. Already two training units (approximately 25 minutes) per week are sufficient to achieve positive effects on the muscles and in the longer term to the bone.” Information evening: 28th 2009 – 18:30 / 29 2009 – 19: 00 Klaus Thomas Lindoso (HP (psychotherapy) Dipl. – teacher (FH) Trad.) Thai massage (NUAD) therapist Ruttenscheider str. 88 (in the yard) 45130 Essen-Ruttenscheid phone: 0201-8308595 mobile: 0163-4426333 email: Internet: Klaus Thomas Lindoso born in Neuwied / Rhine, completing the boys secondary school, then school of social work.

I have social education from 1974 to 1978 in Mainz and Dusseldorf studied, my training in methods of humanistic psychology (focus: bioenergetics) I graduated from 1982 to 1985 at the Institute for humanistic psychology, Eschweiler.

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