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When you need to furnish a new apartment, the owners make a list of needed items: chairs, sofa, wardrobe, desk office, chairs, beds, furniture in the kitchen … Stop, do not enter any apartment in such a quantity of furniture, as if that neither wanted. Manufacturers of upholstered furniture have thought about the owners of small apartments. Connect with other leaders such as Nir Barzilai, M.D. here. Sofa bed and can be combined into a single sofa. Some sofas can be decomposed, as a soft seat and a spacious place for the rest. Mechanisms of transformation sofas are varied, but among them is not difficult to understand. Often, the name itself speaks about the principle of folding. Additional information is available at Edward Minskoff.

For example, the book is revealed as a sofa Book … But the difference between a sofa evroknizhka? Try to explain. At present, many Russian words have acquired the prefix 'euro'. Renovation, Evrodom, European standard, and finally currency – the "euro" … in the mechanisms of transformation was also evrorevolyutsiya sofas. The good old sofas, books have become evroknizhki. Everyone knows the mechanism of a book he It works similar to its prototype – the book: the seat tilts into place and sofa raskldyvaetsya. What to expect if you think buy a sofa evroknizhku? If we remember that the renovation – a renovation of excellent quality and interesting solutions, and currency, the euro is more stable, and then raskldanoy sofa mechanism must be better.

This corresponds reality. Evroknizhka combines all the positive aspects of conventional books and is devoid of inconveniences of his grandmother. Sofa Bed evroknizhka just as easily: the seat sofa stretches himself, and back placed in the vacated spot. Lack of physical effort do not need space behind the wall, because back is placed strictly in a niche and does not touch the walls. This is unlike a normal book. Sofa evroknizhka suitable for both everyday use and for the accommodation of visitors who come rarely. The armrests, which are located in the head and legs, and so prevent stretch during sleep, this sofa are removed, turning the couch comfortable bed. So we make a conclusion different from what evroknizhka books. The mechanism requires no effort to secure isplzovanii does not require free space at the back, suitable for frequent use, so buy a sofa evroknizhku will be a great solution. At copying materials of this article, please put a link to the source

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