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The series "Friends", which first appeared on screens in 1994, is considered the best comedy series about friendship. He was issued for ten seasons and won a huge love of the audience in more than one hundred countries around the world. Protagonists series were quite a number of television awards. What is the reason for the popularity of "Friends"? The main merit of this – in the relations between the six main characters. For even more opinions, read materials from Springfield. Motley company memorable individuals simply can not be negligible. Each of them has a charisma that draws everyone's attention and is remembered for a long time. And all of them together – a fun and unique clockwork company of people who are good together in any situations.

Is not it wishes to each of us? We dream about the interesting and reliable friends who will always come to the rescue, always will believe in us, which you can have fun and share the grief. But in practice rarely happens that those who surround us possess such qualities. And if there are such friends, it is usually not more than two or three. The series also shows the ideal in terms of friendship situation where the six original people are perfectly suited to each other. The eccentric masseuse Phoebe easily find common language with the paleontologist Ross, who is not lucky in love.

Monica perfectionist and it would seem the opposite of her Chandler, who can not and five minutes to live without the sarcastic jokes, fall in love. Not very smart, but charming actor Joey spends a lifetime in the audition, while the sexy Rachel quickly made a successful career in modeling. In these six individuals – those images of friends with whom I would like to make friends, each of us, funny and reliable, those with whom you can go to a movie, football or shopping, those who call for the holidays and with whom to share their grief. All the more so in "Friends" shows the many situations of life, when the help of friends is not just desirable, but necessary – betrayal and love, changing jobs and lack of money, the need for the council and the company for the evening. This comedy series is still popular throughout the world, stands out as among the others. His secret is the spirit that permeated every episode – the spirit of eternal friendship, mutual support, faith in each other and cheerful attitude to life. A the name of the series only underscores his point. Without a doubt, the best show on friendly terms than "Friends" does not exist.

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