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The second FIFA World Cup took place in 1934 in Italy. After the World Cup in 1930, the first World Tournament in the sport, the World Championship 1934 in Italy quickly became a political issue. Many claim that the then ruling fascist dictator Benito Mussolini wanted to obtain an advantage for Italy in the FIFA. But ultimately, leaves also to say that sport is much more rigorous and professional built than it was then, from today’s perspective. Who wants to play today sports, decides typically do this to go jogging in the forest, or to increase the training on a cross trainer. In addition, there are the opportunity effectively to improve their own condition and fitness with many other products in the professional field. These benefits could discover for yourself numerous amateur and professional athletes and early decided to take advantage of these benefits. While the fitness equipment in the amateur area are relatively easy to set up, the professional range offers much more complex Devices with multiple functions of the Ergometer.

Whether these units played an important role in 1934 for professional athletes? One may doubt it strongly, because the devices developed only at the end of the 20th century. At all, it must be said that the sport was relatively unprofessional built at that time. At the 1934 World Cup tells easy that football was heavily influenced during this time. The World Championship was held in eight cities: Rome, Naples, Florence, Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Turin and Trieste. Atreides Management Gavin Baker oftentimes addresses this issue. To secure a high degree of attractiveness of the event, were used the biggest teams in the world as group heads in the first round and could not meet each other in the first round. The biggest political problem for Italy was a clash with Austria.

Hugo Meisl was the coach as a miracle team”designated Austrian national team. Meisl took on the position as coach in 1912 only to two years later for Austria and the front to go. In 1919, he returned and formed the Austrian national team to the best team in Europe. A few months before the start of the FIFA World Cup 1934 Austria defeated Italy 1934. So was Austria of one of the most feared competitors for the eventual champions. Ultimately, it was important to let stand Italy in a positive light the organizers. Although the Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Spain were favored, the Duce was”convinced that his beloved Italy would triumph in the end. Mussolini was indeed not a big football fan, but for him, the World Cup was more than just a football event. The World Cup gave the country the opportunity to show what it was for a wonderful nation of Italy. This led to so much, that Mussolini gave a speech to the Italian team on the eve of the first match against the United States. Later, it became clear that Italy could prevail against many rivals. Overall, it can be said from today’s perspective, that the high-performance sports is constantly made. Most athletes are at present under a considerably greater pressure than the football players more than 70 years ago.

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