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With yields of 228 kg / ha to control gain of sapropel of 24-30 kg / ha or 10-13%, and of complete fertilizer 36 kg / ha or 16%. Thus, sapropel as a fertilizer is effectively used in an amount of 30-40 tons / ha for grain crops and 50-100 tons / ha for row crops and vegetables. Results from of sapropel on the yield increase from pre-liming of soils. Methods for sealing of sapropel as much influence on agrochemical parameters of soil in the arable horizon. When the surface clamped making notes sapropel fertilizers increase the humus content of 3.2% to 5.0% This is the most active mineralization of organic matter and topsoil saturation of mobile forms of phosphorus and exchangeable potassium. In the tubers increased concentration of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and starch. Learn more about this with Kim Jones.

Distinguish marketplace and making a point sapropel fertilizer in the soil. Sapropel, as a fertilizer into the soil mechanically or manually. The most convenient form over large areas is the introduction of mechanized marketplace granular sapropel in the soil with plant material. For private use and for cultivation of flowers, vegetables appropriate to use point of fertilizer at planting and during ripening. Sapropel fertilizers have several advantages over other types of fertilizers: – peat – contains a more extensive list organic compounds by plants.

Sapropel is exceptionally rich in nitrogen. Neither fossil nor peat or shale, or oil, do not have such a high nitrogen content, as sapropel. Sapropels have a higher heat capacity than the peat (up to 0.95 cal / g deg.) – compost of animal origin – sapropel contains fewer weed plants, not microbiologically contaminated, and flora.

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