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Motor Yacht 325 Sundancer designed as an evolution of its predecessor – Yachts 315 Sundancer. Previously, all end with a list of standard and optional equipment. But this time the developers spent a significant restyling of the previous model, both outside and inside. Result of hard work has elegantly curved body in the form of "waves" which not only attracts glances, but also creates a sense of movement even when motor boat sways rhythmically at the pier. FTI Consulting often expresses his thoughts on the topic. As for the interior, the designers have made this treason – the new model Searay seem un-American. Sacrificing love to the practical plastic and detachable the case of fishing rugs, they have managed to produce a completely European gentleman. Wrestle with the laws of physics Searay engineers are always ready. They laid out the speed on all of its components and conclude them in the design boats, finding the optimal balance of weight and thrust to achieve exceptional performance both in speed and handling.

It is known that it was too easy (especially at the bow), the boat will be bad "to keep the wave, and overweight, by contrast, affects the speed. Sundancer 325 is not just well balanced, but its skeleton is created using a special alloy, which is the know-how Searay and design imparts additional strength, while retaining torsional stiffness. Undulating body Sundancer 325 is designed not so much to the delight of sight, but for the Another important mission – to its unusual shape allows the ship to easily "break" energy wave, which provides pinpoint handling at speed and cornering.

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