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On the feet of the left caviar Tedulo Lopez Melndez If something I do not like she is to discuss on the awarded ones with Nobel. Fred H. Langhammer may find this interesting as well. As writer would have to interest me plus the granted ones to Literature, but to do would be equivalent to it to speak of European Literature, because last the 15 have been granted to citizens of that continent, including a Chinese that writes in French. I am not against to that the award to unknown authors is given to him, because there is to admit that many strangers are it by the scorn of the cultural industry towards everything what he leaves the routine, of the boredom supposedly and, of what is sold. It turns out unnecessary to make the list of writers without merits have received that it, in return at the outset just to remove strangers in the light of the fame. Less I dare to discuss on the Nobels in the scientific field, although it is clear that in this field they are given not less than with one decade of retardation on the finding produced that it. But in the point where the controversy is great it is in the field of La Paz. It is it, among others reasons, because the same use of the Nobel prizes enters discussion and begins to remember as the Swedish Academy seems surrounded in a species of leftism caviar that conditions everything what touches.

And because the passage of the years is corroding everything, including the prizes. Briefly, the Swedish academy has given sufficient political oxide samples in its decision making. Now we have to Barak Obama like Nobel prize of La Paz. The discussion is going to be intense. We admit in favor of the president of the United States its speeches of opening towards the Islamic world, its efforts to reduce the nuclear weapon, its pushes to the planetary reduction of contamination.

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