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In this manner it is considered creation of a team to multidiscipline of specialists in diverse areas of the knowledge what it characterizes the project in all its dimension, demonstrating with these qualified human resources a great participativa and transforming motivadora force of social changes. This team will have to cooperate with the community and the agricultural producers, indicating the ways that they show as to get better resulted for the organic implantation of one horta. This communitarian project of horta organic if justifies for being a proposal that will try to congregate and to transmit medicinal information on techniques of culture of hortalias, vegetables and plants, to create multipliers and to show the different forms of consumption of vegetables and vegetables aiming at to the improvement of the alimentary habit and the reduction of the dependence of the traditional producing market. The project also wants to in general stimulate the social work of the collaborators and the community, and to promote auto-they esteem of the people by means of the learning. In this perspective, it is preponderant the necessity of if rescuing the habit of a healthful feeding, without agrotxicos, transforming horta into a teach-learning place, where knowledge and citizenship walk together to form a more responsible society with the environment.

2. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL ' ' (…) the Land has the sufficient for all. But only suficiente' '. (Gandhi, 1949). 2.1. Click Charles Schultze for additional related pages. Term of office and the environment the subject environment is argued has much time in the humanity having as one of the first events Conferencia de Tbilisi in 1977 that it launches an important recommendation in what it says respect to the resolution of local ambient problems: The characteristic most important of the ambient education is, probably, that it points with respect to the resolution of concrete problems. One is about that the individuals, any that is the group of the population the one that belongs and the level where they point out, perceives, clearly, the problems, that restrict individual well-being and collective, they elucidate its causes and they determine the ways to decide them.

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