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In all countries of the world there are entrepreneurs that they are now starting to fight for their dreams, goals and targets. Many times the enthusiasm leads us to undertake and start something new what we do every day, but sometimes we do not take into account some fundamental features with must count them at the time of starting a venture. Here some features that must be taken into account to succeed with your venture. 1. Personal initiative and guidance for action: entrepreneurs are people who make and not only those who dream of. Only through your own initiative and hard work you will manage it to succeed. 2.-Perseverance: another factor to the success is perseverance and total dedication to the initiative.

3. Ability to set and achieve goals: the ability to set goals and then concretrarse in them is essential. Goals should be realistic, possible and measurable. 4. Ability to recognize and resolve problems: entrepreneurs not intimidated them the number or severity of the problems encountered. atter. They recognize, they attack and solve problems based on their need to conquer.

5 Ask for help and use return: they are not inconsequential in their strict search for a problem or goal. They ask for help when necessary. 6. Learning with both success and failure: entrepreneurs learn both successes and its failures. They do not hide their mistakes. Instead, they analyze the causes and learn with them. 7 Self-confidence and security: they rely on the fate of their initiatives and their own skills and feel confident of being able to achieve their goals. They almost never consider a failure as a real possibility. 8 Assume and share moderate risk: efficient entrepreneurs usually prefer moderate, calculated risk taking. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Shimmie Horn. Where there is risk involved, they prefer to share with its partners, banks and creditors. 9 Tolerance before the uncertainty and ambiguity: they take effective decisions under conditions of uncertainty. They face changes with security, understanding them as a challenge. 10 Team: Entrepreneurs share the credit by their successes. They recognize that they are able to build their own business. They recruit and form teams to share responsibilities.

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