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Uninterrupted supply of energy implies the existence of an independent source. Select the type of source is determined by its purpose, power consumption, the presence or absence of the electricity network, geographic position of the consumer and allowable costs. To this day, the universal self-contained power, of course, is a diesel generator. It is widely used due to its high reliability. In addition, it provides not only electricity but also heat. All outstanding inventions of mankind are surrounded by legends.

One of them says that the first model of a diesel engine (Diesel, Rudolf, a German inventor. In 1892 he patented and built in 1897 internal combustion engine with a compression-ignition) having worked for one minute burst and all those present during the test took off their hats. So it was or not, but today diesel generators – this is the traditional sources energy, and the engine named for its inventor worked tirelessly over a hundred years now. Diesel generator sets are widely used in industry, construction, agriculture and community farms. They work in factories, air-, sea and river ports, power units of hospitals, farms, emergency power systems, facilities, defense industry – wherever needed electricity, and the network or deleted, or work intermittently, so to generate energy is convenient to use diesel fuel. Diesel Generator Set – sources of electricity and heat.

Their bulk are combined into an aggregate of the engine and generator mounted on a steel frame. Three-phase synchronous generator driven by a diesel engine. The engine and generator are connected through the coupling or directly to the flange. The first method uses a double-seat generator, ie generator has two bearings in the second – with a pillar-thrust bearing. Between the frame, the supporting surfaces of the engine and generator set of rubber-metal shock absorbers, reducing vibration transmitted to the foundation of the unit. The composition of the diesel-generator set includes the following equipment: fuel system, exhaust system, the system noise, instrumentation and automation (instrumentation), heat transfer systems (if the unit is designed for the production of heat).

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