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Energy Saving At Home


Thus are true experts in the rational use of water in the minimum act of charcoal and the adequacy of their homes to take advantage of the direction of the breezes and cool to have an ever stronger among the middle and temperatures the Alta Guajira. They, like no other, and not learn from anyone are specialists in energy efficiency for several reasons. The need has been her teacher and her university shortages. Exploring the universe together Wayuu regarding the efficient use of forms of energy at your fingertips. The leaves in the wind and branches baked Charcoal is one of the best friends in the kitchen of the Wayuu.

Its cuisine is not the same if they used the same range of "alijuna" (as we say to those who do not belong to his people, as the "frichi" and the goat-based take on a special seasoning when they are prepared on the stove and the fire glow produced by coal. For even more analysis, hear from Nir Barzilai, M.D.. To prepare the family coal oven has made expressly for that purpose. His grandparents taught him that the best coal is achieved using trupillo wood, a tree that has been like a brother and that together the cactus, has accompanied him throughout the ages. The elders in turn kept in memory a valuable lesson: you can not cut the tree and, if possible, not the branches, because a friend was not done damage and can live with him forever in a happy and harmonious. So one of the daily activities is to collect dry branches in the settlement and its surroundings and only if they shall not reach to cut the dead branches and old.

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