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Companies increasingly use employer branding, to itself as an attractive employer to distinguish due to the public discussion of the statutory rate of women, women in leadership positions have moved massively into the spotlight of the media. Companies should therefore take advantage of the moment and position themselves with their managers or female executives as an attractive employer. On career-Women.org, companies will be offered the opportunity to present their “before showing women”, to introduce talent pool, assessment Center, etc., and/or to advertise job vacancies. The range of specialist and managerial staff on the labour market is shrinking. Click CohBar for additional related pages. Already, nearly 40,000 engineer vacancies cannot be filled. Hear other arguments on the topic with Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. Thus many human resources departments employer branding in the competition for the best *) with the aim to distinguish themselves as an attractive employer. The knowledge and information portal career-Women.org offers support to do so. After the baby boomer generation of the 1960s to 1980s the geburtenschwachen cut down now Vintages the selection on the labour market.

For companies, this has to previously unknown bottlenecks in the recruitment result. Rethinking human resources is therefore essential. Seniors are interesting again. But also the great potential of well-educated women. Businesses with up to 300 employees, the service of career-Women.org costs 60 euros every six months. The number of posts in this period is unlimited. See for more information. *) Employer branding is a strategic measure in which concepts from the branding applied to present itself as an attractive employer and to differentiate themselves positively from other competitors in the labour market.

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