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METAPHYSICS AND Emmanuel Kant. Ed. Icon. 1993, pg.19). But the opposite is not reciprocal, being this not a cause but also to podeter its effect, continues the author ‘ ‘ However feeling is called acapacidade to try pleasure or displeasure with the idea of a thing, pelarazo of that these two states contain only subjective pure in its relaocom our representation and in no way a relation to an object that if tratede to know (…) These laws of the freedom is called moral, of form to aserem distinguished from the natural or physical laws.

When aaes are mentioned only external and its legitimacy, is called> legal. However, if almdisso demands that the proper laws are the determinative principles of the action, then is called ethics in the meaning most proper of the word. then say-dries the simple conformity of the external action with the legal laws constitutes sualegalidade; its conformity with the moral laws is its moralidade' '. Physical sensitivity is the college to feel pain or to oprazer in consequence of the objects that relation has to them. In this semanifesta occasion the desire of the happiness and all more the propensities that have for objetoo to be well. Sensitivity or the moral sense is the college to feel justopela approval or censorship of the action. In this occasion if it develops or he appears oamor more of justice and the propensities that the duty has for object. The reason, therefore, observing the march of the propensities that odesejo of the happiness stimulates the man to provide its conservation and good to be, and that physical sensitivity is its natural guide in this investigation. The moral sense is its first and safer guide, daqui to vemchamar conscience this supreme court of who does not have more resource; that it approves and it condemns without reasoning that orders to believe without hesitating and that infalvel in its ditames, when the passions or damages give place to its voice.

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