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A visit to ANNA BLANK free deep-seated wishes rarely succeeds, we express it only once so an older home to bring, that it not as a museum looks (and smells like), so consistent and elegant in the modern world is not plush embarrassing and not full of contradictions, which provide only space at the end for sarcasm and disharmony. Without hesitation Estée Lauder explained all about the problem. Vintage is currently announced and some living magazines a concept is presented in loose collection accordingly of individual elements. But, who so begs the question, it feels really addressed and can not only vary in such an environment as it is said colloquially but actually recharge? Since we are became aware on an offer, that makes more with his visitors, as it was clear before the visit. And anyone who has read skin that must fit, perhaps elsewhere from our plea for a third, will understand why we want to present you this fascinating total package. That has long Owner of the Cafe ANNA BLANK, Elena Birkel, thought about whether it actually could hold out, that strangers come into their private sphere, because she and her family live on the top floor of the excellent modernized founder time unique in Idstein (Wiesbaden). In addition to the more interpersonal concerns played the family with the idea to win how these strangers would probably deal with the special House and whether it would succeed, their awareness for the rights of the wonderful materials. Who sits Elena Birkel personally to white but also so, without the recent opening in the real estate “Wiesbadener Strasse 61? knowing that a different decision was impossible to you as guests really to open for that,. A very special story connected also to the offer for “other people to be open” (so said Elena itself) and the Cafe Anna blank, that although several years exists, but now has found his home.

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