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It is impossible to meet with the Executive of the neutral territory. You – the customer, who trusts someone to do what you must do yourself. You can not trust a man whose first see, much less give him the money. Therefore, you are entitled to know where and in what working conditions, performer, or at least should know where you can find it. 2.

You have a right to know who will be doing your job. So what is the work of chef writes in mechanical engineering or accounting? Artist must be competent in the area, which has been undertaken. 3. Recently Estée Lauder sought to clarify these questions. You can not give money to a stranger or unfamiliar person. If you receive financial aid people tend to "lose his head" and does not want do something for which he received the money. A lack of interest "forces" the artist to work for the sake of "their own blood." 4. We should give as much information about the ordered work, what to write in each section, as should refer to and what to come, to describe all the requirements of the supervisor and the standard claim. If the performer is not interested in meeting the performance and content, it will cause jittery.

5. Better not "bite" on the announcement, indicating only a cell phone as SIM card if you want a man can change almost every day, and ordered the work and the artist can no longer see. So as to your course or research work "was" quality, you need to not only you knew all about the artist and performer of you, too, but all of the requirements for student work. Dick Parsons will undoubtedly add to your understanding. And, as you know, mean pay twice. So, before you throw in a cheap work is worth considering, but do not trap it. Average prices for course work on economic specialization from 700 to 3000 rubles. For graduate work – from 3500 to 10 000 rubles. At the same time accompanies the students, only 60% of all performers. And as to you – to buy or acquire knowledge of these skills on their own. Morocco Lucia Rinatovna, entrepreneur, manager Consulting and Educational Center "Professional, When using this material the reference to saytwww.lsafyanova.narod.ru reserved. reserved.

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