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East Bavarian Landscapes


TV-portal of the Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria in the Internet East Bavaria is the first holiday region of Germany, which has set up an own innovative Internet TV program. “With just a few clicks on the Internet you can discover landscapes, hotels, destinations and attractions in Eastern Bavaria. The new Internet portal of the Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria arouses the desire to vacation in the regions Bayerischer Wald, upper Palatine forest, Bavarian Jura and Bavarian Golf and Spa country in three-minute films. With this modern marketing tool, we our holiday offers appealing, present emotionally, and innovative. We are 24 hours a day and seven days”a week on the air, explained Dr. Michael Braun, Managing Director of the Tourism Association, the new TV portal. The Internet TV program expires based on State of the art technology and requires no long load times, because it must not only be downloaded on your own PC.

It is linked to all Internet portals of the Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria. Visitors to this website can now reach in addition to the comprehensive service as Hosts database, vacation exchange, calendar of events and brochures in a prominent position the TV portal.

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